PARCH is an architectural and landscape design practise based in İstanbul.

Seda Kurt Sengun

Landscape Architect (M.Sci. in Architecture)
Co - Founder at PARCH

Seda Kurt Şengün is a member of principal jury committee of the UCTEA Chamber of Landscape Architects Turkey 10th National Landscape Architecture Professional Awards. She works on landscape design, detailed projection and consulting at Atölye Seda Kurt and PARCH at Istanbul. Seda Kurt Şengün is a 2008 graduate of Istanbul Technical University Landscape Architecture Department. In 2013, she was a visiting researcher in ENSA Lyon and in 2014 she completed her thesis titled 'Landscape of Lost Spaces' at Istanbul Technical University Architectural Design Department. Since 2008, she has won awards in various national competitions as well as profession in different scales and topics, and she has been featured in the jury of the architectural studios in universities. First year architectural design studio, named Stüdyo219 by her as an instructor, takes its place via the invitation of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Architecture Department between the years of 2016 and 2018. She organized workshops and made national publications on landscape architecture, landscape infrastructure, urban landscape culture, theoretical landscape and its representation.

Hakan Tuzun Sengun

Architect (PhD)
Co - Founder at PARCH

In 1994, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. After graduation in 1999, in the consultancy of Prof. Dr. Afife Batur in Architectural History Department completed his master's thesis. During this period he worked with Han Tümertekin, in projects like B2 House (Aga Khan Award 2004), ATK Housing, Çatalhöyük Museum and as the visitor center. ITU Faculty of Architecture in 1997, he started working as a research assistant in the Department of Architecture. In 1998 took part in the presentation "Beginning; Zero" at ANYTIME conference held in Ankara. In 2004, he took the first prize Arkitera Architecture Festival Open Charrette and joined the "Global Architect and Media Event" for a short visit for New York and Washington DC. His proposal "ZEPPELINIZED" for the Ryungyong Hotel was published as No. 893 DOMUS cover (2006). He was the editor of the architectural exhibition entitled “HOME: A Negotiation For Dwelling" (2006). In 2007 joined to the group INNOCENTACT initiated by Pelin Tan and Hou Hanru in 10th Istanbul Biennial which he carried out a series of interventions, publications and a newspaper at KAHEM. In 2010 with the group İMKANMEKAN published the "İMKANMEKAN: Small Interventions In Public Space" which they took the special prize at XII.Turkish National Architecture Awards and Exhibition. Studied on thresholds and transition in public space at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon as an invited researcher for his doctoral studies in France (2013). In 2016 worked as the editor of theme TECTONICS at BETONART 48. He is living and working in Istanbul and lecturer at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture.